WIP Painting – … and then along came The Girl

Stage two of three – Painting the girl.

In the last post I wrote about painting the polar bear. Next came “the girl” giving the bear a hug. The following images show the different steps of painting the girls face and hair. While I painted, I thought about what she would be wearing, and naturally, that would be a thick sweater and gloves. How was I to paint the texture of a knitted sweater? The detail needed for the knit seemed overwhelming, so I created test swatches to see if I could do it. The two knit test swatches and a detail shot from the final painting are included.

Next up will be the final stage.

The final painting with the background. I hope some of this has been interesting, helpful, and inspiring. – Thank you

    1. Thank you! Although there are a lot of steps involved, it’s fun observing the elements begin to fit together. Once I get to the the final stages of the painting, it starts to move very quickly and merge together as if there was a master plan all along! 😁

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    1. Thank you so much Louise! It can be complex at times, and then not so much in others. It’s very much like dancing, once you are comfortable with the steps you begin to just get into the rhythm. I hope you check back to see the final painting!


    1. Thank you! The whole process continues to be on a moment by moment basis! The “magic” begins to happen as the entire painting comes together and is completed (next post). It’s a great little moment and what I love about being creative. Thank you again for your comment!

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