Painting – Enjoy Your Rest Mother Nature

Nature Made Alter. What a Delight to find. Earth Day April 22, 2020.

Hi Mom.

Your children have all been sent to their rooms to think about who they are, and to remember, please remember, who they

could still, truly become….  even now.

In this rare moment of a little “Me Time,” you can breath a deep sigh of peace, your sky’s are bluer, your air is cleaner, and your bird’s joyful songs can finally be heard above the sounds of chaos lessened.

You, who have nurtured us and given us all we could ever want, beauty, bounty, and magnificence, have borne our ingratitude, ignorance and entitlement.

You carry the scares of our dishonorable actions towards you, our greed. Yet you continue to support us, provide for us, delight us, and unconditionally love us all.

I thank you, apologize for how we have offended and harmed you, and ask for your forgiveness. I am so sorry that we all fell asleep to your incredible love.

May we all learn that our thoughts and emotions affect you.

May we all wake to what we truly need, as as opposed to what we simply want and demand.

May we all ask for, work for, and support those inspired souls with the creativity for the better, kinder, and recompensable solutions for your resources.

May we sing a song of life in rhythm to the heartbeat of the earth, our mother, and live accordingly in honor, gratitude, and blessings in our every breath.

Happy Earth Day Mother, I love you.

  1. Absolutely enchanting and gorgeous painting and poem!!! 😍 Your fabulous art fascinated me!!! 😍
    I can feel all the beauty and strenght of Nature!!! 💓
    Happy Earth Day! 🌍🙏❤😘
    A very big hug full of affection! 🥰🤗😘❤


  2. We had a cold and rainy Earth Day. I slipped outside long enough to put a few green pepper seeds into the ground along with a few tomato seeds. We’ve still been having heavy frosts, but I’m hoping next week things will warm up enough to get my summer herbs out. I’m thinking of making some sort of little “fairy garden” too.

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    1. Since we’ve just moved into the house and have nearly a 1/2-acre now, I’ve got lots of room for herbs, fairy gardens, and other landscaping projects. I want to take my time and gradually discover what “feels right” and then allow it to evolve. This year, I’ll probably do a little “fairy garden” of some sort in one of my big herb pots. I’ll definitely share photos!

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    2. We love it! The longer we’re here, the more we enjoy it 🙂 I still have lots to do — curtains, hooks for hanging planters, maybe a throw rug or two — but most of that will wait until stores re-open and I can go out to do shopping. We do want to buy a love seat, but we want to see what we’re buying and actually sit on it first. We really are very happy with the house. It all came about so suddenly and unexpectedly. Our heads are still in a whirl.

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    3. “…suddenly and unexpectedly..” I love that synchronicity! Your new home sounds like such a delightful experience and gift during this uncertain time. At least with the stores closed you are allowed to take your time to consider what you truly want – and not get caught up in impulse buying!

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    4. Yes! I like not feeling “pressured” to buy everything and have it all “finished” right away. It’s very comfortable and cozy, and as you say, we’ll be able to get exactly what we want.

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    5. We have such a nice place… perfect for being “in tune” with the changing seasons. I’m looking forward to celebrate the start of May with a little fire (roasting hot dogs) and getting started in the garden.

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  3. I loved this – did you write it? It applies to so many different situations and types of mothers or guardians. Your artwork takes my breath away. The colors just pop and are soothing at the same time. So glad I found your blog.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much! And yes, I did write this, straight from the heart and all in one go. The only changes I made were the spelling mistakes. Your compliment carries a big joy for me. Until a few years ago I panicked about writing anything… even an email response at my workplace. I would agonize before hitting “send.” It has been a personal goal to let that fear go and let it flow, and I am so very grateful for your comment about the words and the art. Thank you!



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