Illustration – Sidewalk Sentiments.

When I catch my mind furtively tip-toeing into the future,

and my emotions humming the “Oh No, What If?” song, I send out a rescue squad. Every second counts. It’s like rounding up a pack of shop-aholics at a 75% off sale, each feverish and making choices that will be later regretted when the emotional buzz wears off.

These moments require all of my self discipline, especially with the current challenges!

And I take a break, create a doodle, painting, or an illustration that will focus my thoughts on the present,
on something simple, kind, and inspiring.

I created this illustration right after a “thought round-up.”
Here are the quotes I selected, and I hope they offer a few moments of inspiration. They certainly did for me.


[From the poem “Desiderata” – Max Ehrmann]

Take good care.
– Thank you.

    1. My 52 weeks project is still ongoing, the posts don’t show up in the reader you have to go to the proper site to see them, the course I’m doing is good, but am taking that slowly as it’s an in your own time thing. There’ll be some more Sunday blog posts coming up eventually, but maybe not quite the same format. Cheers Liza

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    2. Your 52 weeks project is terrific, I am not a photographer (so I did not comment on the site) but I loved the hidden fellow in “walking dude “ and “in the bridges” for some reason had a Tiffany glass appeal to it, 😊 but “park life” seemed to be moving and a mystery, That was my favorite!

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    3. Thanks Liza, you’re welcome to comment there any time, no-one else there is a photographer either! Artists, writers, movie reviewers, book reviewers, but no photographers! Just people who like pictures 😊 thanks for the vote for park life, glad someone gave it some love! 😃

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