Painting – “Firefly.”


Fireflies represent a message to listen to our hearts and let them lead the way toward truth and light.
They remind us of the importance of our internal character, their light represents hope, guidance, inspiration, and awakening.

It is a rare and wonderful gift when a simple act of play evolves into an experience of inner grace.
Taking a break from another project, I lamented that I had not painted for over two months and just wanted a few moments of playing with some colour.
Quite soon I was thinking of a child of the earth and if I were to paint one, the colour of its skin would be of pine wood, golden and brown. The moment I began to add that possible position into the piece, all thoughts left my mind and the painting seemed to paint itself. The quite peace of not thinking and merely observing the process was a wonderful gift. Four hours later I heard myself say “thank you” as I stopped painting for the day.
I felt I had been invited to a special moment as a guest. This was a painting for myself really. It follows no rules, it might not even make sense to anyone, but it is absolutely delightful to me. However, there was one last step, something was missing.

The next morning I sat before it and wait for inspiration about the missing piece. I waited, I fiddled, I moved on, then would look at it from across the room. Then I watched the inauguration and came back grateful, weepy and inspired.
One firefly. Simply one firefly that carries the light of promise and healing, reflecting the light within us all. We are the fireflies. We choose each day and in each moment to share that light.
Be a firefly.

I hope you enjoy this painting, and I thank you.

    1. Than you so much, and actuality I cried through most of it…. just hearing that someone was actually for focused on the good of all, their job, and accomplishing goals. I agree with you, better days lie ahead, and it requires all of us 😊. ☮️

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    1. Thank you so much V.J. I am delighted that it captures your imagination. It captures mine as well, as if it holds a mystery or deeper meaning I can’t quite put my finger on, yet. It is currently wallpaper on my phone and the contrasting colours vibrate, creating a hologram so I am having fun with it 😊. Thank you again ☮️

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    2. I certainly am not at the place you are with art, but I notice that it seems to stem from within – almost a pulling. For me, this image isolates the child and the firefly – she is at one with the wonder of the light, hidden beneath the foliage. Almost the feeling we seek through meditation.

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    3. Your impression is beautiful… the wonder of the light, the sacred space within and our true home in alignment with grace. The moment is almost molecular as it is vibrational. V.J., I thank you . You have truly seen what I saw… I never thought that would happen and I am truly and wondrously grateful. Thank you.

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  1. Oh my, this is just so magical! I love the message and can identify with the process of an artwork “painting itself”. And the leading to trust your intuition around something missing and being given the firefly. Just spectacular. Then again how else could it be. Thank you Liza for sharing your gifts!

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    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you and wow…. I didn’t even make that connection “…trust your intuition around something missing and being given the firefly.” I just saw the firefly, trusted it, painted it, and then looked up what it represented! I am simply laughing at myself and giggling at this moment 😂. I find myself most always looking at the big picture of a painting, and not the personal. And I needed to hear that! Thank you for that great observation!! Be well my friend 🙏☮️


  2. You have an amazing attitude towards painting.

    I think this is one of the many reasons why this painting turned out so great, and your gratitude was icing on the cake.

    So let’s give thanks for the fact that you had not painted anything for two months, until now.

    The child could represent the very being that needs to receive the hope, the guidance; inspiration and awakening.

    That as we pay attention to the inner child, the firefly, we gain the hope and the guidance we were lusting after…

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    1. Thank you so much ‘healing hands, I have enjoyed your comment and insights! You have given me avenue to ponder from many directions, and I am grateful, thank you again!

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