Graphic Design Information & Pricing

Design needs can range from a refresh of current work, updating information, to a new creative solution.
Our consultation will efficiently organize your creative need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Basic Pricing:

Each design service is calculated by an estimate of the creative time through delivery or due date. Once we determine your service, I will send you a quote for the total price either agreed upon during our consultation or shortly after, if outside product vending is required as well.

Creative Process and Production:

  • Included in most processes are two different creative draft options to choose from varying in layout and style discussed in our consultation.
  • Once the draft is chosen and the final design is reviewed, you will also receive two rounds of further revisions, if needed.
  • Pricing is estimated at $60.00 hourly. The quote includes a breakdown of services/time required, and a total fee for the entire service. All final print and working files are provided to you.


Please email me at, phone 602-872-2661, or fill out the consultation form with your preferred day and time.

Speak with you soon.