The Light

North Liza LaneThis piece began with without a purpose, on purpose. One evening while sitting on the porch, randomly thinking a multitude of questions about creativity, I found myself focusing on the string of lights above me. “Just play” came into my mind.
Oh ya, play. Wait…what?

Play? I had to think about this. Play. How long since I had created anything just for fun, without a goal, an end result, or a paycheck? I create in my day job, and there isn’t much room for play. Digital painting is a new medium for me, so there it was, I would just play. Play around, create without a purpose, not for work and not for an end result. This would also require setting aside old impulses, and developing a new mind-set. What I have received in return and continue to receive, is an adventure, inspiration, stories, and wonder. I stopped thinking and began listening.

The Light

With each of the different layers, I recognized the similarities of the light fixture as a container, and how we ourselves are a container. The light fixture I was creating represented the most basic of the layers of how we are created. The body is the container, the mind is a colour pallet, and the Spirit is the light that fills every cell, a conduit of the great source within the core of our being. Body, Mind, and Spirit, and it’s source, the Light or the power company, so to speak.

As the completion of this piece arrived, I thought of what a fun experience it had been. Play, exploration, a meaningful story, creative guidance, and an energy of inspired wonder. However, the concept continued to expand when I chose to use this piece to create an animated birthday card for a dear friend. Afterwards I edited the video clip to illustrate the expanded concept, and it is simply called The Light.

The Restoration

Thank you.



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