The Orchard on Pikake Street



I created three paintings of the same orchard scene, one at night, early morning, and another with full sun. And then, that was that. Inspiration went no further. So I moved onto another project. Two months later I returned and the images had been busy so to speak, in my absence. They had a story, and I wanted to hear it and bring it to life.
Pikake Street

Understanding the story challenged me, as a good story will do. I started over many times, and made countless changes. The result is a short video clip The Orchard. It is about how change and transformation is continuously occurring in our lives. It is about the opportunity to allow ourselves and others to change, and how change can touch its surroundings with transformation, if it is welcomed. Change and transformation has its own timing, it can’t be rushed and most likely it won’t be convenient, that’s part of its charm.

Orchard on Pikake Street

A good friend once said “you can go kicking or screaming, or you can gracefully surrender. One way or another, it will happen in the end”.  I work on choosing grace. Kicking and screaming has too much drama, it doesn’t work, and just makes a mess that you will eventually have to clean up.


Transformation is always happening, and this is the gift and a blessing. Transformation is in the earth, the seasons, our bodies, and our children. Change and transformation is going from better, to best.

Be the catapillar

Thank you.

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