Painting “Tribal Garden”

Sketching in my notebook, I began to play with a design and listen. It felt tribal, and I thought of tattoos, but I also felt a garden, and realized this image would represent a combination of the essence, thoughtfulness, and the respect many cultures live by, deeply connected in reverence with nature, honoring the gifts of the earth, and that which created it.

Beginning Tribal Garden, Sketch

The sketch is a connection for me, and when I begin to paint, I get to listen and learn.

Tribal Design – Representing a way of choosing to live, spiritual beliefs, and could be seen as a transition in life, embracing wisdom and understanding the grace of being truly aware and alive.

Garden – The original paradise created by God as a safe enclosure. The soul, and innocence, consciousness, happiness, salvation, and purity. Gardens represent the essence of the space between people that is a true state of living in peace, because gardens represent inclusion, community, and a sense of well-being.

Tribal Garden Design

Hibiscus Flower –  Delicate beauty, immortality, and the natural beauty of being one with God. The hibiscus, represents a state of royalty in the connection to that which created this earth, respecting and honoring the hospitality that the earth has always been generously giving to us.

I then painted two more panels of this piece.

Tribal Garden Center Panel
Tribal Garden – Third Panel

And I thought about this experience, about the tribal significance of living on this generous planet, and listening to what the garden and its creator is so diligently offering to teach us. Do I listen and make time to connect to the earth? Do I honor the planet in my life choices, in what I choose to support, and do I and thank nature each day for its wisdom, and the nurturing sustenance it offers?

This is the “Tribal Garden”

Tribal Garden

Thank you.

  1. This is so wonderful! And to use your words to add music to the painting sends a thrill through my body. Music is a large part of my life and it just lives in my very fiber of being! I spent so many years packing my kids and my guitar from one place to another, entertaining anyone and everyone in my path, teaching music, singing, picking, tearing up a contract with a record company after putting a few strokes of my name on it before really thinking about what I was doing. And thru it all the one thing I always wanted to do was paint a picture of the train wreck going on in my head. My art is of a different type, but you sure are a rock star with yours! Thank you for posting this wonderful talent for the world to see.

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    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kentucky Angel, I love hearing of your experience with sharing the creative gift of music that you have. Your story is an inspiration to me, a gift. Your generous compliments touch me deeply, and are such a gift as well! I thank you deeply, for taking the time to share this with me, and send my best to you my friend! Thank you again.


    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful, and very kind compliment! And congratulations on being nominated and passing it on. I enjoy and a at times am mesmerized by the detailed designs of your work! Thank you again, I am deeply appreciative of your recognition.

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