Painting The DreamCatcher

I thought about creating a design for a cell phone case, and then….

Hands off the steering wheel.

Inspiration politely sat down next to me, and with a nod I took my hands off of the steering wheel, and became a peaceful passenger enjoying the ride.

The experience felt like grace and trust, and my mind became still. The familiar motions of creating took on the synchronicity of a metronome. I enjoyed the view, and time passed without a single thought. This experience taught me that creativity can happen quite well enough on its own, without the interference of my “artistic considerations.”

Good, bad, right, wrong, contrast, light, shadow, colour. Or the doubts, “does this image make sense, is there a message, or, will anyone get it?” Considerations that any person in the act of creating may experience again and again. Sometimes, these considerations can also be fears, and a prison. These fears are a burglar invading the serenity and the joy within our desire to create.

I enjoyed the experience of not thinking. Four hours the first day, and then five hours the next, peacefully casting my line into a realm of dreams. The painting was finished quite quickly, and I felt that somehow, I had moved closer to a precious space within myself, and into the sacred space that is within all of us. Next, I will attempt the wonders of house-cleaning without a single thought, how great will THAT be? Until then, I now have my cell phone cover, and a few more items to share. — Thank you.

 The DreamCatcher

Links to the cell phone case, and other items to share.

Links; PrintCell Phone Case, Tote, Pillow, JustDreams Card, Mug, Notebook, Wall Clock.

Till next time…….thank you.

  1. Aaah! Your work is soooo beautiful! I know what you mean when you talk about “letting your mind go free.” I have to admit, when I do that while in a creative writing mode, if an idea pops into my head, I have some kind of strange, spiritual feeling that it was planted there by something from above. Whatever!

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    1. Thank you! And yes, that’s exactly it! I am so glad you could relate to this, isn’t it a great place to be in? I just loved how there was no space for any doubt or comparisons, simply a quiet sweetness, I suppose. Physically, it feels quite refreshing! Now… to stay in this place for 24 hours each day, is my request. Thank you again for your response!

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  2. I love what you’ve done here! Absolutely amazing!!! I wish I could let creativity “take the wheel” as you describe in your post–it sounds wonderful! I catch a glimpse of this every once in a while, but I still interrupt it with “rules” and things that “should” or “shouldn’t happen.” Sometimes, the rules need to go away–thanks for the reminder!

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    1. Thank you! I am so glad you relate. From my perspective, the glimpse you catch every once in a while, is certainly evident in all of your writing. Now I am asking and wondering why these moments are not 24-7 in our lives? And just where in the world did we all receive, and agree with, the should and shouldn’ts? (I will be locating these files, and my internal delete button pronto! I’ll let you know how it goes.) Thank you again for your lovely response! –

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  3. Your instincts, free from distractions (or considerations, as you have dubbed them), have created a beautiful thought-provoking piece here. There’s no telling what we all might be capable of if we could turn off the thoughts that invade our minds, and just let the inner feelings create.

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    1. You said it all, and so perfectly! Your comment….”There’s no telling what we all might be capable of if we could turn off the thoughts that invade our minds, …..” Just imagine. First, we could create world peace, then a planet care system……! I enjoyed your comment so much, and I thank you!

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  4. Omg! The painting is totally breathtaking!! I totally get what you mean by ‘somehow I had moved closer to a precious space within myself’. We feel peace when we do the things we love.☺

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