Painting – Harmony Within Chaos

This painting is about choosing to ask Chaos to have a seat & allow me to ask it questions about its job.

In every life chaos will arrive many times, the uninvited and somewhat dreaded guest.

Like the quote; “Guests are like fish, after three days they begin to smell,” chaos is a challenge, unless…we can find the blessings of change within the chaos, and the gifts within the opportunity. Chaos comes bearing gifts beyond our imagination if we are willing to receive them. Chaos is not for the faint of heart.

Chaos is not an easy adventure, and attempting to shove it out the door does not work either.

Hello Chaos, have a seat. If we make the choice to have a trusting spirit, an adventurous soul, and the courage it takes to find a peaceful place within ourselves to become still and listen, chaos will tell us what it is up to. Chaos will arrive to challenge our fears and control issues. It will ask us if our faith and trust are genuine, or just a platitude we comfort friends with, as we privately plot how the world should really be running along.

Chaos is a teacher.

If we choose the stillness within and listen with gratitude, it will direct us to a place of observation within the chaos, like a perch and a shelter. From this place it will begin to teach us about the creative force that arrives to upturn the stagnant blocks, uncover the lies, and offer the truth. Chaos can be an answer to a prayer of change. The truth will set us free unless we choose to react, run in circles with our arms in the air and join the conversations of fear, and judgement, and miss the opportunity know, to be the insider, and to watch it unfold.

Chaos holds the key to learning harmony.

Harmony is the shelter. It does not include resistance. It is a position of neutral. It asks us not to define it, or find a sense of safety in our immediate and ignorant definitions. It does not argue nor defend, it is the space that is a melody of listening and alert attention. It trusts that if action is needed, it we will will be specific, peaceful and in harmony with the moment. Knowingness and wisdom is the lesson of harmony. To know how to serve and when, and how to ask. Harmony is in the center of chaos, and chaos can usher in the light of creation and change for the greater good. Be the greater you by surrendering the smallness of you, (may include arguments). Find your perch, pay attention, ask for the wisdom and truth that chaos has to teach, and then you will fly.

This is my experience with chaos. Chaos is the greater good asking for change, and harmony is “E” ticket of the peaceful and effective path. — Thank You.

  1. Liza, love, I’ve been trying to subscribe to email notifications of your posts for a whole year now, with no success. I can “follow” for appearances in the Reader, but when I ask my site manager page to find and subscribe to you it consistently tells me there’s no such site. I don’t know whether anyone else is having this problem, but you might want to check with the Happiness Experts, just to see. Much love to you, my dear 😚

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    1. Hi Ana, so good to hear from you, and thank you for the heads up! Try this; Unfollow me, then, click on
      Re-follow me, and WAIT 4 seconds on the same page; a box will pop up on the bottom of your screen, or phone and ask if you would like to receive notifications; Click Yes, and you should be good to go! I should be posting a new painting this coming weekend, so fingers crossed, and thank you again Ana, for your interest in my work. All my best to you – Liza


    2. Thank you for the detailed reach back, darlin’.

      I can’t unsubscribe from your site because I haven’t been able to subscribe to begin with.

      If you go to your dashboard comment controls, there’s an opportunity to have a checkbox put in for people who want to receive email notifications of future posts — is yours turned on?


    3. Hi Ana, i am sorry you are unable to subscribe! All is checked and I just received another subscriber, to I will have to contact the engineers soon. Until then, I will happily email you when I post! I appreciate your comments greatly and look forward to them… way or another! My Best, Liza.


    4. Must be my app screwing up. I really do want to add your beautiful and profound images to the reference index at the Foundation for Poetic Justice, so I’ll keep trying to subscribe & you send them to me when you remember 😚😚🤗

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