Artist Anarchy – Work in Progress – Tufted Titmouse

Recently, I find myself working backwards.

Artists learn a lot of “rules” along the way. We keep some, and hopefully we break as many as we can, discovering what works for us in our creativity. Artist Anarchy can be really fun. Over the last year my paintings have been showing up in my imagination as “pieces.” Background, foreground, and main focus or character arrives at random times, and not necessarily in order. I paint or draw what shows up, and then sometimes that’s it. I just save it and move on. Eventually, all of the pieces do come together. The strange part… that they fit together perfectly, as if created at the same time.  My most recent work titled “Listening,” arrived in just that way. The foreground and background were painted months apart from each other. However, this tends to create very few posts, so I have decided to post all of the work in progress as it arrives. Hopefully once a week as opposed to once a month, and I will follow along with the story as it arrives!

To get started then

I saw an image of a Tufted Titmouse. Gotta love that name, and there it was, “me, me, draw me!” So I have. I sort of have an inkling of a bigger picture, and hopefully that will be arriving into my imagination soon. For now, I drew the Tufted Titmouse and hopefully these stages will be of interest. We all work differently, and I have learned a great deal from others, so this is “Share and Tell” time. Let me know!


The eye was created with watercolour. This might be a Christmas image, but I am trying not to get in the way. Check back next Wednesday and we will see what turns up over the week to come. – Thank you!

    1. Yes!! Actually, I was inspired in my early days by having the opportunity of watching a friend build (N scale?) dioramas of historical events for museums! Such incredible work went into building the models, then the settings, and the airbrush work for the realism…. it’s magical. I think this is similar to your husbands work? If not, thank you again, for sparking a great memory, and giving me many aspects to think about and consider! Wow, very valuable….😊

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  1. “We all work differently …” I’m the opposite. I process writing internally. If ideas arrive in pieces then they aren’t ready. I have come to deliberately use this. That’s interesting. Do I have anything to add to it? No? Back you go. If the idea doesn’t survive, then it wasn’t strong enough. I call it the rock polisher approach.

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    1. “Rock polisher approach,” that’s so great! Are you familiar with the author Terry Pratchett? (Adore him!) I read an interview with his editor about how Mr. Pratchett consistently wrote three books at once, and could simultaneously never miss a beat on each thread of thought. THAT is really different and amazing as well! Thank you so much for the discussion, I look forward to your comments and ideas!


    1. Thank you! I’ve never thought deeply about why I save the eyes for last! Could be because this is when it feels as if the figure comes alive and has a presence, and I would distract myself by trying to “get the body to fit the eyes”? I am coming into loving a harmony between implied image and detail, value and texture. While I work, the rhythm becomes melodic. During these times, all “rules” go out the door, and I simply follow the inspiration. Thanks so much for bringing my attention to my own progress! I’ve never really examined it closely before, and it’s great to realize this!



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