WIP Painting completed… and it was Magic.


Thank you for following the creative adventure of this painting!

The magic has been added, and here is the final painting. Below, is another version that I created for a Christmas card.

Christmas is a celebration of life, of believing in the greater goodness within us all, and sharing the joy of that belief. We do it every day. We enjoy a sense of humor, and laugh a great deal of the time. As we continuously give our attention and actions to all that is good and kind, and we support that blessing for all of life, as we support life itself. We bring the light of belief into ourselves, then through ourselves and into the world, in each moment. We are grateful, and we become grace itself. Peace in your heart, peace through your thoughts and actions, and peace on earth.


Thank you!

  1. Wonderful! It is a truly fantastic painting It expresses all the magic ad sweetness enclosed in the embrace! I love this painting! 😍😍
    Thank you very much for sharing all the stages of the process that led to the creation of this faboulous work. Your post touched my heart,I was moved when I read it. I thank you for the wonderful words full of sensitivity,peace is the most precious gift that exists.
    From my heart ti your heart I send you a wish for serenity,peace and love,Merry Christmas!😘🥰

    A hug,Ely.

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  2. I love it! It resonates so much with my inner child. The bear has such a soft protective quality and I love how the girl is holding on to the bear. There’s a beautiful exchange that I feel going on between the two.

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