Painting – The Importance of Having a Dream

Pursuing a Dream

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams.” –MLK, Jr.

“A person starts dying when they stop dreaming.” – Brian Williams

“Dreams are different for everyone. For some, they may be personal, for themselves only. For others, they are to be shared, for the world to know. Some may think that their dreams are meant to stay dreams, while others do whatever is necessary to make them reality. Either way, these desires are our source of motivation. They provide us with goals and hopes for the future. Without them, life isn’t worth living; life becomes boring and without a purpose. Granted with great dreams comes great responsibility as they can’t come true without work and dedication. However, it is only with dreaming that one has the potential of reaching pure and utter happiness.

For these reasons I ask you to encourage your friends, your siblings, your future children and whoever else to dream, big or small, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing worse and more sorrowful than having the right to dream taken away. Make sure you realize that right, and make sure that the path you’re on, is the one no one has chosen but yourself.” – Vanessa Raffeale

In this painting the turtle represents the joy and vitality of having, and pursuing a dream. The ethereal images of the dolphins and fish symbolize the ever present guidance assisting us, and cheering us on our way. – Believe in your best.

    1. Thank you Margaret! Recently, I have traded my Winsor & Newton pigments for Winsor & Newton pixels, and Arches watercolor paper for a wacom tablet. I use a combination of traditional watercolor techniques, washes, and a glazing method used by oil painters. The methods are the same, however, I do miss the magical moments of watching the pigments settle into the tooth of the paper, carried by the water. The brushes are electronic, and the process is a journey of constant trial and error! Thank you for asking!

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    2. Thank you! I might call it a calm, somewhat stubborn, determination, lol. This is self taught, some textures were determination, and others by amazing accidents! I love it when that happens, and can continue using them along the way.

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    3. I certainly understand the frustration concerning technology! I decided to use technology as a “Zen, mindfullness reminder”….telling me to slow down, take it step by step, and figure out the issue. I have never had my computer or phone say, “whoops, I just messed up, let me fix that…” so I figure its me and I need to make friends, and play nice, so to speak, lol.

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  1. Wow! Faboulous painting,and splendid meaning!! I love every detail! 😍😍
    It is so fascinating to read your wonderful posts and observe your paintings,they are a precious treasures for the soul. I identify myself very much in its meaning,it is exactly what I feel towards dreams,I love the topic. Thank you very much for the emotions you give us with your splendid works of art!! 🥰😘
    A hug,Ely. 🥰


    1. Ely, I treasure your comments, they are so very supportive! I am glad that today, Martin Luther King Jr., day came as a reminder to myself and others about pursuing our dreams. At times I need a reminder, and I am so grateful for your generous, kind and lovely comment! – Best!

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