Art – A Creative Way to Honor and Respect Our Communities.

Variety, Whimsy & I am tired of my Face Mask.

Many people are excited to be out and about at this time after long periods of confinement.
Please continue to take great care of yourselves, and those around you.
However, the confinement is ongoing as the Covid 19 numbers triple daily, in many communities. I live in Arizona, and along with the other “Sunbelt” states the cases have been skyrocketing for the last month. Hopefully, we will all continue to take steps to be patient, as well as honor and respect the safety and wellbeing of those around us.

And, I am tired of my face mask. I want to wear face masks that are fun, original, or at least interesting. Those that want-for…..get creative! Therefore, I have created my own designs in a variety of styles. Here are (just a few) of my favorites I have created so I could order them for myself……!

Pretty In Pink Peonies with Crystal Butterflies. Helps me forget the current 116 degree temperature!
Aurora Borealis Abstract. Kinda reminds me of Las Vegas or a sequined mini dress!
Chic Business Neutral, very elegant.
BoHo Abstract Honeycomb design, for that fresh artistic flare.
Retro Hawaiian Hibiscus. Perfect for a curb-side Luau.
Compassion Paisley Design. Reminiscent of Haight Ashbury, 1967 and Poetry.
Brilliant Watercolour Leaves reflect a kind smile under that mask!

If you would like to see more designs, or would like to order for yourself or others, you can find these masks at;

North Liza Lane at Society6
North Liza Lane at

and remember,

 “Let’s be careful out there.”

– Thank you!


  1. What a great idea and a really wide variety! I’ve been thinking along the same lines but have been too busy/lazy to do anything about it. …I recently saw a photo of Queen Elizabeth in a mask that was the exact hue of yellow as her dress and hat and thought how adorable! 😆 So masks that match outfits are definitely a thing!

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    1. Thank you! Sections of your gorgeous floral paintings would be so beautiful in the creation of masks. Maybe just creating one or two would be a lot of fun. That’s so great about Queen Elizabeth, I do agree if she does some thing, she does it with style! And yes, I believe we will be wearing masks for some time to come so we might as well make it fun! Thank you again!

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    1. Thank you Tiffany, I hope to be creating more and a lot of styles and textile designs. It also helps me feel a little more connected, and not so isolated 😬😁!



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