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Art can be an essential grain of magic offering a message, a universal truth, pure whimsy, or an inspiration.

Images that tell a story.

Visual elements cross the boundaries of language and speak directly to that essential element within all of us that connects us. I communicate, share, learn, and evolve through story telling with images. The story of a single moment. Stories ignite my imagination, provide inspiration, create wonder, delight me, and guide me.


Part of the creative process in the art I create is to tell a story through the use of symbolism, light, and colour. Taking inspiration from nature, world events, and observations, I focus on the greater message. Choosing one medium, or most often combining many is determined by the essence I wish to create for the image. I create using many styles and genres. I find I rarely follow the rules, stepping aside to honor the image with its own voice, and let it evolve in its own time. I listen to it tell me a story, knowing that it will inevitably have a twist, or a surprise ending. It’s a conversation, a dance, and I am along for the ride. Each image is a story of thoughtful wonder. I hope the images are enjoyed and offer delight, as I truly enjoy every step of honoring the process. — Thank you.



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