Motion Illustration – “Just a ‘lil Sip…”

On Halloween night there will be a Special Brew bubbling … A Witches’ Brew!

Sadly, this seems to lag in the reader if viewing by phone. Tap to open and it will play just fine!

Animation and motion is fascinating to me. However, just like any goal it requires a patient persistence, and

And then, a detailed planning for each step of “the plan.”

Learning is endless, like infinity.
Experience is a great teacher.

Instead of creating a new painting or illustration, I searched through my files and found one I had never posted. A storyboard to plan the motion is essential, know where you would like to go, allowing for changes along the way. I began with a rough idea mapping the motion with arrows, before planning the key frames.

On the rough, I map out how I would like the pieces to move. Of course, it changed along the way! Gif files are not videos. They are best when created using limited frames. This keeps the file size small for texting, and on the web. With limited frames the motion is super fast, and this is a challenge in a very big way. I try to stay in 31 frames, a hair over one second and looping the motion. Another challenge is my mind will jump into “movie mode” where there is a beginning and an end.

The goal for myself is to remember; “no beginning and no end.” Motion in a loop is meant to be fluid. Sometimes I hit the mark, and a lot of times I don’t. This is where planning, and limiting the movement comes in. It’s also where a lot of work ends up in the trash folder :)!

And there it is! Creating a Motion Illustration. I hope this weekend finds you full of inspiration, ideas and plans!

    1. Hello and thank you Fragglerocking! Sooo glad you like it 😁. I’ve begun another. Once an image begins to move, it’s like launching into a big adventure!

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  1. You’re extraordinarily gifted, Liza, and your creative persistence in developing this thematic Gif is a wonderful treat for the holiday! Thank you for sharing, my friend. 🎃

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    1. Thank you so much Phil! Definitely an adventure and planning more…. It’s quite a thoughtful process 😁 and I would like to see how it develops next!

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