Illustration – Happy Valentines

LOVE / [ˈləv].
1. strong affection or devotion to another arising out of kinship or personal ties, based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests.
2. unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another [and the greater whole.]

VALENTINE /[val·​en·​tine | \ ˈva-lən-ˌtīn]
1. sweetheart

Happy day of love, every day.
Whenever I think of “Valentines,” in my minds-eye I see the old Victorian illustrations with scrolls and frills. The Victorian feel was the inspiration for this illustration. I began with a sketch and preliminary line work using adobe Fresco and only created half the design. Then I transferred the file (LOVE airdrop) into adobe Illustrator and copied the work to make the second side. My Valentine illustration is created with layers of patterns like the one below, quickly drawn freehand and not perfected. 🙂

I sketched and painted the little bird in adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet,
and placed it on the frame of the illustration.
I chose the font “Famous” for it’s modern yet scroll-y feel as well. This allowed me to customize each Valentine I sent with the person’s name and a little message.

In February our thoughts turn to love, and the best thoughts I have found, is not “who loves me?” but, “am I loving?” February serves as a reminder that the miracle of love is a gift, and the transformative power is in loving others. A gift. Sometimes I forget that. What we give, we receive in waves of joy that seemingly arrive from somewhere in the universe first. Valentine = Sweetheart. Be a sweetheart in the world, every day. Love and laughter is a wonderful gift of healing to all.

Happy Valentines Day
Thank you 🙂


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