Illustration – A Harvest of Gratitude

Spending time in an optometrists waiting room offered me an opportunity to sketch out an illustration and grateful for the free time.

As I sketched, I thought about the changing seasons, and in autumn we are harvesting the seeds we planted in the spring when the earth reawakens. In the summer we nurture and care for the growing seeds to reach maturity.

As the temperatures grow colder and the soil is put to bed for the winter, we celebrate our gratitude and share the bounty of our harvest with others.

Each day we are planting many types of seeds, may they be seeds of hope, generosity, kindness, faith, gratitude, laughter, light, love and wonder. May your harvest be abundant.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you

    1. Hi Cathy! Thank you so much 🍁 I began the sketch there – then it took a couple of weekends to complete the work, and I enjoyed reflecting on gratitude, nature and harmony 😁 enjoyed the time! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Cathy! 🍁☮️❤️



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